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June 28, 2007


   As the JULY 4th holiday approaches, the Connecticut State Police and the Office of the State Fire Marshal want to remind everyone that fireworks are illegal in Connecticut. The public has been overwhelmed with signs and sales of so-called fireworks. The only legalized “Fireworks” items are sparklers and fountains.

   July 2007 will be the 7th year that Independence Day will be celebrated since Connecticut legalized the use of SPARKLERS.  Questions received by State Police, Fire Marshals, Resident Troopers, and local Police statewide reveal that many people are confused as to which “fireworks” can be used by citizens in our state.

   To avoid confusion and caution our citizens Connecticut Law 29-357 is very specific. Only sparklers and fountains are legal in Connecticut

Sparklers are NON-EXPLOSIVE/ NON-AERIAL DEVICES that contain less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture.

Fountains are also NON-EXPLOSIVE/ NON-AERIAL DEVICES that should also only contain less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic for each individual item or if two or more fountains are affixed to the same base the total quantity of pyrotechnic composition of these fountains combined cannot exceed 200 grams.

   Sparklers and Fountains can only be legally used by persons age 16 or older.  

   Novelty items such as party poppers, snakes, smoke devices are not legal for private use in Connecticut.

    In addition to being illegal exploding devices are dangerous.  The illegal exploding devices have caused serious injury in the past.

   The Office of the State Fire Marshal reported that a number of house fires and grass fires have been attributed to fireworks. The danger that exists with these types of incidents, besides the damage to property, is the endangerment to human life. If a fire or explosion of any type causes damage or destruction, the intentional starting of that fire or intentionally causing that explosion could be designated as an ARSON which is a class C felony.   

   The safest way to enjoy these years Independence Day celebration is to attend a public display conducted at a state approved site by Connecticut licensed pyrotechnicians.

2007 CT Office of State Fire Marshal Update

Consumer Fireworks in Connecticut


Sparklers first became “legal” in Connecticut for sale and use by the general public (sixteen years of age and older) in June of 2000.

Ref: PA 00-198 CGS §29-357

Public Act 06-177 “An Act Concerning Sparklers” became effective on effective June 9, 2006 with the Governor’s signature and made the following changes:

PA 06-177 is on next two pages

Ø     Added Fountain” as “legal” in Connecticut

Ø     Clarified the definitions of Sparklers & Fountains ~ CGS §29-356 (2) & (3)

Ø     Removed “sparklers and fountains” from the definition of “fireworks” as used in CGS §29-356 ~ §29-365

Eliminates need for permits & regulations on outdoor displays

Ø     Provided limits on the amounts and composition of pyrotechnic mixtures per item (sparklers & fountains) ~ CGS §29-357(a)

o       Sparklers = 100 grams max each

o       Fountains = 100 grams max each individual fountain*

*If 2 or more fountains are affixed to a common base, the total quantity of pyrotechnic composition of all fountains combined cannot exceed 200 grams

Ø     Requires State Fire Marshal to include in the CT Fireworks and Special Effects Code provisions for the indoor use of sparklers and fountains. Indoor use requires Special Effects permit.

diagrams of common legal and illegal fireworks