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May 11, 2007



                                                       “CLICK IT OR TICKET”

The Connecticut State Police Department is participating in the 31st Wave of the “Click It or Ticket” program in Connecticut.  The enforcement campaign begins on May 14th and runs to June 3rd.  During this time period and continuing right through the summer vacation travel period, State Troopers will be patrolling and also conducting spot-checks, looking for those operators and passengers who are not wearing seat belts. This SAFETY campaign is designed to remind all motorists to properly protect their loved ones and themselves by using car safety restraints.

Connecticut Law requires all front seat passengers to buckle up. The law also requires children to be seat belted or in an approved child safety seat. Children must always be seated and restrained in the back seat of the car.

Connecticut State Troopers are on the lookout for unbelted violators.  Troopers will be stationed on exit and entrance ramps to the highways and will concentrate their efforts to increase the seatbelt compliance.

The State Police are reminding all motorists and all passengers to buckle up. This is a safety issue. As the summer holidays approach and family and friends travel to celebrations or other social events, State Police remind everyone of three basic rules: ALWAYS BUCKLE EVERYONE UP, OBEY POSTED SPEED LIMITS and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

For each ticket issued for a seat belt violation, the fine is $37.00.  The ticket for a child not in the proper infant or child safety seat is issued to the driver and the driver can be fined $75.00.

Seat belts do prevent injury and they do save lives.  Many people are ejected from cars involved in violent crashes on highways and roads in Connecticut.  Many of these people sustain serious and sometimes fatal injuries.  

The State of Connecticut can set the national compliance average with the voluntary cooperation of all motorists. Remember, before you start your car, BUCKLE UP - it’s the LAW.


Lt. J. Paul Vance