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Middletown, Connecticut 06457
DATE: 06/13/2006
INCIDENT: DMV Investigation into Bribery & Fraudulent Drivers Licenses that were issued from the Bridgeport Office. Arrest Warrant Execution for subject DAVY who is suspected as acting as "Middleman" between DMV employee's and subjects who fraudulently obtained Licenses. Also DAVY had personally obtained two (2) different Fraudulent Licenses under false names.
ARRESTED: Conrod DAVY     Age: 21
ADDRESS: Connecticut Department of Corrections
Arrested on Warrant on 06/13/2006 at Court in Bridgeport when brought to Court on a Habeas for arrest on this Warrant.
C.O.R.A. (Corrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity) (2 Counts)
Forgery 2nd degree (2 Counts)
Conspiracy to Commit Forgery 2nd degree (2 Counts) Bribery (2 Counts) Conspiracy to Commit Bribery (2 Counts)
BOND: $25,000.00 COURT: GA# 2 Bridgeport on 06/13/2006
SUMMARY: The Arrest Warrant Execution is part of the continuing investigation into corruption and bribery at the Bridgeport Office of the DMV.
 The subject Conrod DAVY is suspected of working as a "middleman" for at least two (2) fraudulently obtained Drivers Licenses, as well as obtaining
Two(2) Fraudulent Licenses under False Names for himself. An arrest Warrant was obtained charging him with 10 separate charges relating to four (4) separate License Transactions.
 DAVY is presently incarcerated on Kidnapping and Robbery charges relating to an armed home-invasion in Connecticut in 2003. He was arrested in Tucson, Arizona in 2004 as a Fugitive from Connecticut. When arrested, DAVY was using one of his false names and Fraudulent Drivers Licenses to conceal his true Identity and avoid arrest.
 DAVY is the seventeenth (17th) person arrested in this investigation to date, including five (5) DMV employee's. There are presently three (3) additional outstanding arrest warrants for other Middlemen who are being sought.
 The investigation is continuing and Additional Arrests will be made in the future.
###END###Sgt. J. Paul Vance