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March 22, 2006                                     


Today 03/22/2006 at 8:00 a.m. several Law Enforcement agencies began an operation in New London County.  The police agencies paired up into teams in an effort to serve outstanding warrants and take the accused into custody for crimes committed in New London County.

The following agencies provided manpower to take part in today’s operation. Law Enforcement Agencies involved today were: New London State’s Attorney Office, New London Police, Groton Town Police, Groton City Police, Waterford Police, Dept of Probation, Dept of Parole, U.S. Marshals Office, and the Connecticut State Police.

This operation also enabled Law enforcement officers to gather information regarding crimes of violence in eastern Connecticut.

The Police teams arrested the following subjects:

MONTALVO, Milenid  DOB: 2/27/87  46 Crystal St. New London, CT.-- Breach of Peace, Failure to Appear

SISALIMA, Luis   DOB: 7/2/78  143 Garfield Ave New London, Ct.--- Failure to Appear        

GILLESPIE, Leroy  DOB:10/18/60 31 Cedar La Cromwell,Ct. –Larceny

BRENNAN, David DOB: 7/22/75 13 Wellford Court Pawtucket, Ct. Violation of Probation

JUANO, Charlie DOB:7/14/71 845 Bank St New London, CT—Risk of Injury, Failure to Appear

DRAYTON, Michael DOB:6/14/89 45 Fowler Ct New London,Ct.—Weapons Violations

OLSEN, Phillip  DOB;12/20/82 821 Biddington Rd Groton, Ct—Narcotics Violations

MARRERO, Louis DOB:6/22/87 66 Jay St New London, Ct –Failure to appear

CARRION, Ernest DOB:6/19/78 10 Fuller St. New London—Domestic Violence

LaBRECQUE, Marianne DOB:12/28/48 45 Monroe St Waterford, Ct.-Failure to Appear

VELEZ, Jose DOB:5/8/55 20 Home St New London, Ct. –Breach of Peace

STEVENS, H. DOB; 11/27/80 14 Waco Ct. Groton, CT  Narcotics Violations

VARGAS, Rosa DOB:11/16/73 36 Boulder Dr. New London Ct.-Failure to Appear & Motor Vehicle Violations

EDWARDS,Volkerts DOB:10/01/69 51 Mountain Ave New London Ct-Failure to Appears & Motor Vehicle Violations

HUNT, Daniel DOB:5/29/88 64 Boulder Dr New London, Ct. Violation of Probation

HOWE, Wilson DOB; 110/26/67 45 Orchard St New London,Ct-Failure to Appear

TAIJPAUL, PILIP DOB:10/16/65 57 Warren St New London, Ct. Violation of Probation

OTERO,Jorge DOB:3/27/56 138 Huntington St. New London, Ct  Violation of Probation

LEISCHNEW, William DOB: 1/4/87 4 Sutton Pl Groton City, CT. Breach of Peace & Criminal Mischief.

AUSTIN, Christopher  DOB:11/11/77 37 Whittle St Mystic Ct. Warrant Arrest

BROWN, Gary DOB:4/27/61 15 Richards Grove Rd. Waterford, Ct  Failure to Appear

PENDEXTER, Andrew DOB: 10/24/83 69 Canterbury Rd. Mystic, Ct. Burglary Larceny

DANIELS, Shavone DOB 10/19/67  57 Belden St New London Failure to appear (2cts) Interfering with Police


Sgt. J. Paul Vance