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On Sunday at approximately 2 a.m. a Glastonbury Police Officer, on routine patrol in the area of Hebron Avenue (Rt.94) near the intersection of Rt. 2, encountered a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on Rt. 94. The officer, presuming that the vehicle was possibly being operated by an intoxicated person, attempted to stop the vehicle using the police cruiser’s emergency lights. The operator of the wrong way vehicle attempted to elude the officer by driving onto Rt. 2 using the on ramp for Rt. 2 westbound off of Hebron Avenue.  The suspect vehicle crashed into the wire guard rail on the on ramp, disabling the suspect vehicle. The suspect exited his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot into the wooded area adjacent to Rt. 2. The officer gave chase on foot and while in the wooded area attempted to take the suspect into custody. A struggle ensued between the suspect and the officer. The suspect was able to get the officer’s service weapon and fire the weapon. The officer was wounded on his forearm.

     The suspect fled on foot through the wooded area adjacent to Rt. 2 going west. The suspect is being described as having a light to medium complexion, possibly a hispanic male, with a large heavy build and a bald head.

     The officer was taken to Hartford Hospital  treated for his injuries and was subsequently released. He returned to the scene to help investigators at the scene of this incident. The officer is Glastonbury Police Officer Nathan Saucier who has been a member of the Glastonbury Police Department for 4 years.

       State Police Detectives from the Central District Major Crime Squad responded to the scene to conduct an investigation into this incident. Detectives gathered forensic and physical evidence at the scene and seized the vehicle abandoned by the suspect. The officer’s weapon was not recovered.

     A short time later the Glastonbury Police took a complaint of a stolen vehicle from an area in the close proximity and in the general direction the suspect was last seen heading. That stolen vehicle was stolen from a residential area and was reported as stolen when the owner went to use their vehicle during the early morning hours. Due to the fact that this vehicle was stolen around the same time frame and in close proximity to the events as described above the stolen vehicle is now a vehicle of interest and considered possibly occupied by the suspect of the assault on the Glastonbury Police Officer. That vehicle is a 1996 Mercury Villager (minivan), color green bearing CT registration 736TLD. Since the suspect is being considered armed and dangerous anyone having contact with this vehicle and/or seeing this vehicle should call 911 and report that sighting to the police.

     Officers/Detectives from the Glastonbury Police Department are investigating the burglary into the Quick Mart located at 592 Hebron Avenue (near the location where the injured Glastonbury Officer first encountered the suspect vehicle driving erratically). The Quick Mart which is a gas station/convenience store was closed at the time of this incident however someone forcefully entered this business and stole items from that business. The alarm from this burglary came in as the events of the assault on the officer were occurring. The officer did not know of the burglary as he was attempting to stop, pursue and/or arrest the suspect.  ###END###

***Anyone with information can call State Police Detectives at Troop H in Hartford at 1(800) 968-0664.***