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Bomb Threats of ‘non-specific nature’ Made to Three Connecticut Cities


   On Monday, February 6, at approximately 08:20 a.m., a bomb threat was received via telephone at one of the offices at the State Capitol. The caller stated that bombs were set to go off in Waterbury and Danbury.

   Approximately 10 minutes later a second telephone call, believed to be from the same caller, was received again one of the offices at the State Capitol. The second call included the city of Bridgeport.

   No specific date, time or locations were stated by the caller.

   Local police authorities have been notified.  State Police Emergency Services personnel were notified and are available if requested.

   Subsequently  at approximately 9:30 a.m. a threat against Superior Court G.A. 3,  Danbury  was called into the clerk’s office at the court and then to the City of Danbury Emergency Dispatch Center. G.A. 3 was evacuated to facilitate a search of the building. The State Police are on the scene conducting an investigation.