Cold Case: Carole J. Gates


Cold Case, Carole J. Gates

Cold Case, Carole J. Gates

Carole J. Gates

Case #:  G81-023052 Soc.Sec.#:  NA Name:  Carole J. Gates Alias: 
Address: Height:  5 ft. 2 in. Weight:  160 Age:  40
Sex:  F Eyes:  Blue Hair:  Brown Complexion: 
Race:  White DOB: 


One August 11. 1981 at approximately 2345 hours Carole Gates, who is described as a white female approximately 5 ft. 2 in. tall weighing 160 pounds having redish brown hair wearing brown rim glasses, left Norwalk Hospital where she was employed as a Pharmacist.  She moved to this area from Montana in October 1980.  She normally left the hospital via the Psychiatric Ward Exit and walked to her vehicle, a 1980 Toyota color white CT reg. 851-AHH, which she parked on the street.

On August 12, 1981 the Norwalk Police Department initiated a missing persons investigation when the victim's mother reported that Carole had not returned home from work the previous evening.

On August 13, 1981 the victim's vehicle was located on Stevens Street in the area of Norwalk Hospital.  The vehicle was unlocked with the victim's pocketbook inside and the keys in the ignition.

On August 20, 1981 the victim's body was discovered in a wooded area off the Den Road Exit of the Merritt Parkway.  The Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be a fractured skull.

A witness who resides in the area of Norwalk Hospital stated that on the evening of August 11th at approximately 11:30 pm he heard a woman scream and a loud vehicle pull away.

Another witness who states that she driving in the vicinity of the hospital on August 11th at approximately 11:35 pm saw a female believed to be the victim walking towards a parked car on Stevens Street.  The witness also saw a male walking along Stevens Street who she described as a black male, 5ft. 8 in. to 5 ft. 9 in. wearing a light tan trench coat with brown buttons.  The trench coat hung to the middle of the man's calf, the sleeves hung below the hands covering them, and the collar was turned up.  He wore grey pants and black shoes and was carrying a brown round object in his left hand similar to a cane or stick.

A background investigation of the victim revealed that she knew few people in CT, her only friends were co-workers at Norwalk Hospital, and devoted all her time to work and her family.

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