School Security Competitive Grant Program


DEMHS Administers Two Competitive Grant Programs for School Security:

  • School Security Grant Program (SSGP)
  • Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP) 

School Security Grant Program (SSGP)

The School Security Grant Program (SSGP) provides funding to schools to implement security infrastructure improvements. Eligible projects under SSGP include, but are not limited to, replacement or enhancements to doors and windows, access control systems, perimeter security (such as fencing, lighting, bollards, etc.,), interior and/or exterior camera systems and panic alarm systems. 


Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP)

The Multi-Media School Security Grant Program (MMSSGP) provides funding schools to implement multi-media security projects that create a direct line of communication between the school and law enforcement. For a camera, radio, panic button, Internet of Thing (IoT) system to be funded through this program, it must include the capability of transmitting communications/notifications directly to law enforcement and/or their call centers. It can also include system(s) that integrate existing cameras, radios, panic buttons, etc. for transmission over internet protocol to first responders and/or their call centers.  The goal is to make communications and information sharing between first responders and schools as quick and seamless as possible. When applying for the Multi-Media School Security Grant Program, schools should consult their jurisdictional law enforcement agencies to determine the projects most suitable for both organizations. 




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