Emergency Management Performance Grant

Guidance and Forms

The forms and guidance in this section only apply to the EMPG SLA grants.

Program Guidance:

Training Guidance and Resources:

All individuals funded by EMPG SLA must meet FEMA training requirements regardless of title.  This requirement includes IS 100, 200, 700 and 800 as well the the FEMA Professional Development Series. If you have completed these courses in the past, you may request a transcript from FEMA (See instructions here).

Application Forms:

When an application period is open, application forms will be posted in the Apply section of this webpage.

Reimbursement Request Forms:

Reimbursements requests for a specific grant year shall not be submitted before the execution of a Notice of Grant Award contract. Contact your DEMHS Regional Office to determine your grant status.

  • Reimbursement Data Sheet
  • EMPG SLA Financial Tool: This form is sent via email to the grantee once their notice of grant award is approved. If you have not received this form, please contact your grant.

Additional Forms

Municipal Blanket Resolution

A Municipal Blanket Resolution must be attached to each grant year application submission. The blanket resolution may be a certified copy if the CEO has not changed from previously submitted resolutions to DEMHS. Guidance regarding the Municipal Blanket Resolution may be found in Legal Resources.

Job Description Forms

Job description forms are required to be submitted DEMHS when new staff funded by EMPG is hired. These should be submitted in for the years in which the new staff member is hired.

Loyalty Oath Form

A loyalty oath form is required for local emergency management staff and should be submitted when new staff is hired who have not completed this requirement. Guidance and forms regarding administering the oath can be found in Legal Resources.