General Resources
The resources located below are listed in the order as they appear throughout the LEOP document.

Part 2, Base Plan (in order of appearance)

Referenced Documents  (in order of appearance)

CPG 101, Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans V.2

Local Emergency Management Director and Municipal Official Handbook

Quick Reference Guide to Emergency Management

State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

“ESF-10 Hazardous Materials and Oil Response”

Connecticut General Statutes § 28-8a and 28-12

Intrastate Mutual Assistance Compact

International Emergency Management Assistance Compact (IEMAC)

DHS EOC Structure Guidance

Make Safe

Connecticut General Statutes § 28-7

Connecticut General Statutes § 7-313e

Connecticut General Statutes, Title 22a, Chapter 446e

CT DESPP/DEMHS Advisory Bulletins

DESPP/DEMHS Advisory Bulletin 2007-4

DESPP/DEMHS Advisory Bulletin 2009-1

DESPP/DEMHS Advisory Bulletin 2010-5

Connecticut State Response Framework (SRF).

Record Keeping

National Response Framework (NRF)