Emergency Management


Deputy Commissioner: Brenda Bergeron

State Emergency Management Director: William H. Turner III

Title 28 of the Connecticut General Statutes places coordination and implementation of a statewide comprehensive emergency management program within the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS).

Emergency Management provides a coordinated, integrated program for statewide emergency management and homeland security, including coordination of the state response to emergencies, strategic and operational all-hazards planning; community preparedness; exercise and training; and grants planning and program management. 

This mission includes the following:  coordinate and collaborate with state, local, federal, tribal, and private sector partners, as well as the public to develop, maintain, exercise, and train on a comprehensive state-wide emergency management plan and program; direct and coordinate all available resources to protect the life and property of the residents of Connecticut in the event of a disaster or crisis, through a collaborative program of prevention, planning, preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation, and public education; maintain, operate, and oversee the Governor’s State Emergency Operations Center.

The Emergency Management  resources under this section are broken up into two categories; Resources for Officials and Resources for Individuals. Resources for Officials includes key information and resources for public, private and non-profit partners. Resources for individuals contains resource information and individual preparedness tips and options for individuals in the event of a disaster or civil preparedness emergency.