Information for Licensed NWCOs

This webpage contains information and forms for Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) licensed through the CT DEEP Wildlife Division. Check this webpage throughout the year for important updates.

All Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) must submit an annual report of their activities by December 31 of the current year. NWCO reports must include all work done during the period December 1 of the prior year through November 30 of the current year. NWCO reports should be scanned and emailed to

Submission of an annual NWCO report is required by state NWCO regulation 26-47-1 (b) and is a condition of license renewal. NWCOs whose licenses expire at the end of this year will not be eligible to renew their license until they have submitted a complete NWCO report.

By having a reporting period that ends in November, NWCOs whose licenses expire at the end of this year will have time to complete and submit their reports well before the end of the year, thereby allowing for more timely license renewals. NWCOs whose licenses expire this year should mail their renewal application and fee prior to the end of the year.

If you did not operate during the period December 1 through November 30, a report of “no activity” is required. Please note -- the Wildlife Division may choose to remove the names of NWCOs from its referral list who have not been “active” during the past two years.


Application, Renewal, and Report Forms for NWCOs

NWCO Application (Word  fillable PDF)

NWCO License Renewal Application  (Word   fillable PDF)

NWCO Activity Report Instructions

NWCO Activity Report Form  (Word   fillable PDF)


Special Permit and Other Related Forms

Resident Canada Goose Nest and Egg Depredation Order

Nuisance Wildlife Control Special Permit Report  (Word   PDF)

NWCO Special Permit Report -- Migratory Birds  (Word   PDF)

NWCO Special Permit Report -- Beaver Trapping  (Word   PDF)

Volunteer Beaver Trapper Special Permit Report  (Word   PDF)

Application -- Nuisance Beaver Trapper (Volunteer and NWCO)  (Word   PDF)

Beaver Trapper Application Information Letter

Nuisance Wildlife Control Program, Rabies, and Client Notification

Content last updated on November 29, 2023.