Live Bats Count! Bat Cam

Welcome to the livestream of the Bats Count! Bat Cam, which comes to you on 4 cameras in a barn at the White Memorial Conservation Center (WMCC) in Litchfield, CT. This cooperative effort between WMCC and the CT DEEP Wildlife Division provides a sneak peek into the lives of a big brown bat colony, where females give birth to and raise their young throughout the summer. You can help us collect data on the bats while viewing the livestream when the bats are in the barn! See the User Guide to learn how you can participate in this exciting 5-year project, as well as how to use the livestream. Select "Other Views" in the lower right corner of the livestream to see the other cameras. More information about the project is below the livestream.

Through a joint commitment to bat conservation in Connecticut and beyond, the CT DEEP Wildlife Division and The White Memorial Foundation and Conservation Center have partnered to provide a new and exciting opportunity for all. Bats Count! begins with launching a live stream of big brown bats at White Memorial’s Green Barn.

The Bat Cams were officially launched at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in June 2023. Now the fun and learning begin! Everyone is invited to watch the livestream from the cameras when the bats are in the barn and help us count the bats as they emerge each night. Participants can observe bats throughout the day and as they enter and exit the barn each evening. Emergence counts were conducted each evening in 2023, and the counts are being conducted again in 2024. Participating is easy and fun. If you are interested in participating in this long-term monitoring program you can review the user guide and enter your data into the datasheet.

Bats Count! Bat Cam User Guide


2024 Sunset Times for Litchfield, CT, USA (EST)

Video: How To Do a Bat Emergence Count


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The “Bat Cam” project is being partially funded through the Endangered Species, Natural Area Preserves, and Watchable Wildlife Fund (listed as “Endangered Species/Wildlife” on your tax form) to provide a watchable wildlife opportunity. Find out how you can donate and learn more about projects supported by this Fund.

Content last updated in June 2024.