Modernizing Recycling:
A Governor's Working Group

In April of 2012, Governor Dannel P. Malloy appointed the members of a working group to analyze and make recommendations on how the state can modernize its approach to recycling, reduce waste through improved materials management and lower costs for municipalities, residents, and businesses. The working group has established subcommittees to address these tasks. A final report outlining their recommendations is due on December 1, 2012.  The working group is being led by the Governor's Office in partnership with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and other state agencies.  For more information, please contact

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Report to the Governor

 Report of the Modernizing Recycling Working Group

Report of the Modernizing Recycling Working Group -_December_2012


Meeting Information and Schedule

With a few scheduling exceptions, the Governor's Working Group on Modernizing Recycling will meet on the second Tuesday of every month for the remainder of 2012 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Phoenix Auditorium at DEEP Headquarters at 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT.  


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Working Group



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a Working lunch meeting from 12:30 - 2:00 during the Materials Management Summit #2
 Attendance at Materials Management Summit #3
 Regularly scheduled meeting and listening session on same day

Working Group Members

The working group was appointed by the Governor and includes representatives from municipalities, recycling and materials management, and members with finance and environmental backgrounds.  All members serve as volunteers.

 Name  Affiliation

Working Group Members

Dick Barlow

Town of Canton; Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA)

Brian Bartram 

Towns of Sharon and Salisbury

Jonathan Bilmes 

Town of Enfield

Marian Chertow

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Marilynn Cruz-Aponte

City of Hartford 

Tom DeVivo 

Willimantic Waste Paper 

Sean Duffy 

Re-Community, Hartford 

Adrienne Houel 

Greater Bridgeport Enterprises, Inc./The Green Team, Bridgeport 

Mark Moriarty

City of New Britain

Mike Paine

National Solid Waste Management Assoc. (NSWMA); Paine's, Inc.

John Phetteplace

Town of Stonington; Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resource Recovery Authority (SCRRRA);  

Cheryl Reedy

Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority (HRRA)

Mike Walsh 

City of East Hartford  

Lyle Wray 

Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)

State Agency Representatives

Liz Donohue Policy Director, Office of the Governor
Macky McCleary Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Quality, DEEP
Melissa Yeich Budget Analyst, Office of Policy & Management
Carmen Molina-Rios Dept. of Economic & Community Development
Ellen Blaschinski Dept. of Public Health


Two subcommittees have been established to address the tasks of the working group.  One will focus on Materials and Markets; and the other will focus on Systems and Infrastructure.

Resources and Meeting Materials

The following is a list of resources and meeting materials that have been provided to Working Group members during the course of their work.

Plans and Studies

State Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP)  (DEEP)

State-Wide Waste Composition and Characterization Study (DEEP)

Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee (LPRI):

Food Residual Mapping Study, Database, and Report (DEEP)

Recycling and Jobs in Massachusetts - A Study of Current and Future Workforce Needs (Perlmutter Associates, Green LMI, JFYNetWorks & Green Economy, March 2012)

More Jobs, Less Pollution - Growing the Recycling Economy in the U.S.  (Tellus Institute, 2011)

Returning to Work - Understanding the Domestics Job Impacts from Different Methods of Recycling Beverage Containers  (Container Recycling Institute, December 2011)

Recycling Economic Information Study Update: Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania - Final Report (NERC, February, 2009)

2010 Recycling Economic Information Study Update for Illinois - Final Report  (DSM Environmental, November 2010)

Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study (U.S. EPA 2002, 2016)

Value Added to Recyclable Materials in the Northeast  (NERC, 1994)

Statutes and Regulations

Recycling Laws and Regulations (DEEP Web Page - Contains links to all recycling laws & regs)

Public Act 10-87  (DEEP Web Page - Summarizes this Act which expanded and clarified CT recycling requirements)

Overview of CT Recycling Law Revisions  (DEEP Presentation, May 2010)

Public Act 11-217 (Commercial Organics Recycling Law)

Data and Metrics

Solid Waste and Recycling Data  (DEEP Web Page of All Data)

Average State MSW Statistics FY2010  (DEEP Report)

Graph - CT MSW Disposed CY2008 - CY2012 by Quarter  Note: Data after 6/2010 is unaudited. (DEEP Report)

Graphs - Solid Waste Received and Burned at Each CT MSW Resource Recovery Facility CY2008 - CY2012 by Quarter.  Note: Data after 6/2010 is unaudited.  (DEEP Report)

Maps - Series of maps indicating how trash and recyclables are collected in each CT municipality  (DEEP, presented at Summit #2)

Other Resources

Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee  (DEEP Web Page)

Commissioner's Roundtable Summary  (DEEP)

Construction & Demolition Management (DEEP Web Page)

Asphalt Roofing Shingle Recycling  (DEEP Web Page)

Jobs Calculator, (Container Recycling Institute)

Building State-wide Capacity for Food Scrap Recycling  (DEEP Presentation on PA 11-217 to Massachusetts SWAC, June 2012)

Recycling Means Business: CT Signals Food Scrap Recycling Facilities Are Welcome   (Article, American Public Works Association Reporter, March 2012)

Recycling and Economic Development: A Review of Existing Literature on Job Creation, Capital Investment, and Tax Revenues  (Cascadia Consulting Group, April 2009)

Recycling Means Business - Recycling Market Development Opportunities  (DEEP, June 2012)

Governor's Recycling Working Group Workplan (Meeting Handout, Revised 7-3-12)

Governor's Recycling Working Group Schedule (Meeting Handout 6-26-12)

Back to Basics - Plastics Recycling Update's Survey of Plastic Processors  (May 2012)

Governor’s Working Group DRAFT Report Outline (Meeting Handout 7-10-12)

Infrastructure and Systems Overview Presentation (DEEP, 07-10-12)

Solid Waste Management & Municipal Finance (Presentation, DSM Environmental Services, 7-24-12)

A Plan to Support and Promote Industries Transporting, Processing, and Using Recycled Material (DECD, Feb. 2008)

Product Stewardship Presentation  (Scott Cassell, PSI, 8-14-12)

Product Stewardship Additional Resources (Meeting Handout, PSI, 8-14-12)

Impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Connecticut (Meeting Handout, PSI, 8-14-12)

DEEP Recycling Market Development Webinar  (8-30-12)

Mission Point Capital Partners (Presentation, Mark Cirilli and Jeff Possick, 9-11-12)

An Overview of Waste-To-Energy in the U.S. Today (Presentation, Ted Michaels, Energy Recovery Council 9-11-12)

Venture Capital Investment Drivers in Recycling (Presentation. Liddy Karter, Enhanced Capitol, 9-11-12)

CRRA's Role and Value Today and Tomorrow (Presentation, Tom Kirk, Don Stein, 9-11-12)

CRRA Information Package (Supplemental Materials, 9-11-12)

EU Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Slide (Handout, Covanta, 9-11-12)

Solid Waste Policy Third Party Documents (Handout, Covanta, 9-11-12)

Hauler/Industry Overview & Thoughts  (Presentation, Steve Changaris, NSWMA, 10-9-12)

DEEP Solid Waste Management Roles & Responsibilities (Presentation, Diane Duva, DEEP, 10-16-12)

CRRA Functions (Presentation, Tom Kirk, CRRA, 10-16-12)

CRRA Matrix (Handout, 10-16-12)

DSM's Findings & Draft Recommendations (Presentation, DSM, 11-13-12)

DSM's Facilitated Discussion Slides  (Presentation, DSM, 11-13-12)

GWG Draft Recommendations Under Consideration  (Discussed 11-20-12)

Draft Revised Priority Recommendations (Revised 12-4-12)

Draft Additional Recommendations (Discussed 12-4-12)

Setting Product Stewardship Priorities for CT (Briefing Document, PSI, 11-29-12)

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