Special Use of State Parks and Forests

Connecticut’s state park and forest recreation areas are open to the visiting public for the personal use and enjoyment of the resources and facilities as normally provided.
Please refer to the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies 23-4-1 through 23-4-5 for uses that are normally restricted or prohibited in state park and forest recreation areas.
Special uses of state park and forest recreation areas can be authorized by various means, up to and including a Special Use License granted by the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
To determine whether an organized or atypical use of a state park or forest recreation area requires special authorization, please consult with the agency’s Special Use Coordinator by emailing deep.specialuse@ct.gov or by calling (860) 424-3471.
The Special Use Coordinator will assess your request and advise you on the appropriate procedures for obtaining authorization according to the nature of your activities. If an application or other materials are necessary to complete your request, the Special Use Coordinator will provide them to you.