Sky's the Limit Hiking Challenge 2020

Thank you to all of the 2020 Sky's the Limit participants who took park in the challenge this past year.  We look forward to seeing you again soon for the STL 2021 Hiking Challenge. 

During the Fall of 2020, 175 adults/children and 16 dogs participated in the Sky's the Limit Hiking Challenge.  The theme for this past year’s modified version (due to COVID-19) was Paths Less Traveled throughout CT.  STL hikers choose their hike locations by visiting lesser known and less popular hiking trails within 3 CT State Parks, 3 CT State Forests and 3 CT Blue-Blazed Trials.  Participants provided photographs to CT DEEP State Parks showing the location of their chosen hikes as well a short write-up indicating the most memorable part about each hike.   

Those STL hikers that completed all 9 hikes had their names entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of 50 hand-carved hiking staffs from the CT DEEP Sawmill. 

A heartfelt Thank You to Sawyer-Jim Moore of the CT DEEP Sawmill for all his work on the hand carved hiking sticks.  They came out great and each one had its own unique leaf carving on it.  These hiking sticks which were given out to those STL hikers who completed 9 hikes and whose name(s) were chosen in the "Live" Zoom drawing held in January 2020.  Hiking sticks were then distributed over a 3 day period at Dinosaur State Park, Black Rock State Park and Gillette Castle State Park.

Thank you to Commissioner Katie Dykes, Deputy Commissioner Mason Trumble, Bureau Chief Michael Lambert, and State Parks Director Tom Tyler for the continued support of the Sky's the Limit Program.  

A huge Thank You to all of the CT DEEP State Park and Forest staff for maintaining the trails and keeping our locations open and maintained during this challenging year and to all the other parks staff who assisted with the STL Hiking Challenge Program. 



Pic of Trail from SCORP

Content updated March 2021