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Now Hiring for the 2024 Summer Season! Apply to work for the best lifeguarding job in the State!

Lifeguard Position Details and Application




Expert Instruction

All of our guards are trained and guided by seasoned professionals.  

Becoming a lifeguard for the state is unlike any job you’ll ever have, with high stakes and real world experience. At our parks you will have the potential to feel the rush of saving a life while comfortable in the heat of the action!

Elite Fitness

Our lifeguards undergo Physical Training (PT) every day. Some of the PT you can expect to experience includes but is not limited to: Jetty to Jetty runs, buoy swims, yoga, kayaking, and rescue board races. Our guards are the most fit and well prepared in the state. They are able to reach potential victims in record time which continues to save lives.

Lifetime Legacy  

Our lifeguard program has deep roots going back to the 1920s. In joining one of our squads you will be connected to lifeguards from the past who have gone on to leadership roles within various different career paths. We support our lifeguards in any professional endeavors they pursue through this Legacy Network.    


Think you have what it takes to be part of our team?

Lifeguard Position Details and Application

Contact Sarah Battistini for more info.


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Content last updated December 2023