Use of Remote Controlled Aircraft or "Drones"

The use of remote controlled model aircraft or “drones” is prohibited at Connecticut State Parks, State Forests or other lands under the control of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, unless specifically authorized by the Commissioner in a Special Use License.

Remote control aircraft and drones fly at low altitudes, and rely on a fuel or battery motor to stay aloft. Failure of the motor or other equipment will result in an uncontrolled descent, which could result in injury to others or damage to state or personal property. Additionally, the operation of these aircraft by an untrained pilot also creates risk of injury and/or property damage. Current licensing requirements for recreational drone pilots do not have any provisions to test for pilot competence, and so there is no reliable mechanism for the DEEP to be assured of pilot ability to safely operate on our public lands. This type of potentially hazardous activity is prohibited by our Park and Forest Regulations (Regulations of CT State Agencies §23-4-1 (o)).

The operation of these aircraft are noisy.  Activities that create noise which infringes on the ability of other park goers to enjoy their visit to the park or forest is prohibited by our regulations at §23-4-1(x).  Impacts of this noise on wildlife in our parks and forests is another concern.  Activities that are disruptive to wildlife are prohibited by our regulations at §23-4-1(b). 

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Content Last Updated December 2022