Maintenance, Repair And Improvement Account

Public Act 10-3 created a separate, non-lapsing account within the state's General Fund, to be known as the Maintenance, Repair and Improvement Account.  This account will contain funds generated by special events at various State Parks, such as pavilion rentals, wedding receptions, etc.  The Public Act requires that these funds be held in separate sub-accounts for the benefit of the park facilities in which the funds were generated. Public Act 17-2 JSS created a “Passport to the Parks” program, which includes a number of provisions, including changes to the MRI Accounts.  These funds are now to be contained in separate sub-accounts within a Fund called the “Passport to the Parks” Account. This change results in there being two “MRI” accounts for each Park which generates these funds, both an “older” MRI account and one as part of the Passport to the Parks Account.

The law also requires that the DEEP provide a semi-annual accounting of the revenue and expenses from these accounts, and to post that information on our website. Below are links to both the original and the “Passport” MRI accounts.  We also include additional detail on revenue and expenditures on the larger MRI accounts (those that generate over $5,000 of revenue each year).

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Content Last Updated January 2024