State Park Sponsorship

Adopt A Park LogoIn accordance with Public Act 15-106, the State Parks and Public Outreach Division is creating a new program that will allow for dedicated and targeted donations of funds that will be used to directly support the operations of that state park.  These funds will be available to the Park Supervisor to purchase equipment and supplies, augment programs, and provide whatever assistance is most needed in that park.
The program will detail levels of financial support that would be provided by an outside entity (a person, a company or other group) as a donation to provide resources to the park.  In exchange for this donation, the donor name will be displayed on signage at the entrance to that park for a pre-determined length of time.
Details are being developed for this new program regarding levels of support at various park locations and length of time for signage installation.  The new law requires that the minimum financial donation be in the amount of $2,500.
We anticipate launching this new program with our first sponsorship signage.  Please check back here for more details on the program as they are developed, and also please let us know of your potential interest and thoughts as we develop this exciting new way for folks to support our CT State Parks.
Contact Tom Tyler at 860-424-3099 or for more information
Content last updated February 2016