Adopt a Park
In Recognition of our Adopting Volunteers 
  King Family
Werner Woods Wildlife Management Area 
The King Family of Windsor, CT will be helping us control the invasive knotweed at Werner Woods Wildlife Management Area 
in Canton, CT.
Dad Chuck and son Samuel have experience removing invasive species at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison. Samuel has taken classes where he has learned about the biology of knotweed.
The family plans to add fun activities to enjoy at the site on days when they volunteer together.
Kimberly Fontaine
Sunset Rock State Park
Kimberly Fontaine is a Biologist and a resident of Plainville. She is a neighbor of her adopted site, and will visit it about once a month during the busy season.
Ability Beyond Disability
Windsor Meadows State Park
Ability Beyond Disability group members Jason McBride, Nathan Lemay, Carlton Butler and Michelle Fennelly (not in photo) accompanied by Gloria Santiago and Michelina will visit their adopted park every week between May and September.
Ability Beyond Disability
Squantz Pond State Park
Jasmyn Malagutti, Michael Hrubienski, Sarah Mark, Jennifer Shaw, Matthew Klipper and Michael Cranwell from Danbury’s “Ability Beyond Disability” adopted Squantz Pond State Park in New Fairfield. Visiting on Mondays and Wednesdays, they clean up litter and make sure the park is safe and enjoyable for all guests.
Michelle Hanlon

Windsor Locks Canal

State Park Trail

Michelle Hanlon and her family including Ned, Henry and Timothy are avid campers and nature lovers.

They will help us clean the park’s trail along the Connecticut River, then spend the rest of the day jogging, bike riding and enjoying fun activities together at the site.

Alexandra Hibbard
Kent Falls State Park 
Alexandra Hibbard is a resident of Bethlehem and a full time Environmental Sciences student. Ali graciously changed her service hours and offered to help our maintenance crew pick up litter and debris very early on Monday mornings, just when we need it the most!
Jim Lovette
Macedonia Brook State Park
 Lake Waramaug State Park 
Jim Lovelett is a resident of Kent. A retired gentleman, he offered to help our staff on Monday mornings when he learned the need was greatest. As if it wasn’t enough for him, he kindheartedly offered to adopt two sites! Being experienced in the subject, he will help us remove invasive weeds in Macedonia Brook State Park.
Cheryl Buckley
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Cheryl Buckley is a certified Advanced Master Gardener focusing on invasive, aquatic species. She also holds a certification in the Master Wildlife Conservation Program, and is a trail maintenance leader for the Thendara Mountain Club at Harriman State Park in   New York.
She will be helping us in the park’s nature center, and removing aquatic weeds in the swimming area.
Brien Roscetti
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Brien Roscetti is a member of the Ragged Mountain Foundation, which takes care of the Ragged Mountain area in Southington.
He is a certified rock climbing instructor experienced in rescue, tree work, and wilderness first aid. He will be helping us keep our trails clean in the park.
Amy Xiao
Talcott Mountain State Park
Amy Xiao is a resident of West Hartford and an avid hiker at Talcott Mountain. She has adopted the gardens at Heublein Tower.
She will help us weed, plant and care for the gardens surrounding the historic tower.
Indian Well State Park
Desiree Brooks, is an avid hiker, camper and kayaker strongly committed to environmental issues. She motivated her friends Benita Towle and Charles Cassetti to adopt the site.

Enthusiastic kayakers, they will help us maintain the water’s edge of the park they love.
Rebecca Phelan
Wadsworth Falls State Park
Rebecca Phelan is a resident of Middletown, and a neighbor of her park.
An outdoor enthusiast, she loves riding her bike and has set out time from her busy work schedule to maintain the beautiful falls at this park.
Rachelle Roose
Hopeville Pond State Park
Rachelle Roose, Skye Esser and Gabe Stapleton are residents of Danielson, and adopted the beach at Hopeville Pond.
The enthusiastic family plans to spend some Sundays doing their service activity, then enjoy the rest of the day together at their park.
Jack Goldman
Talcott Mountain State Park
Graduate student Jake Goldman is a resident of New Haven, and an enthusiastic hiker.
He adopted the gardens around the Heublein tower on a very flexible schedule, and will help us as often as we need him to.
Barnes Family
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Young Riley will help parents Dan and Christa Barnes of Clinton maintain “her beach” at Chatfield Hollow pulling weeds from the swimming area.
Dan is a skilled handyman that has offered to help anywhere else he may be needed.
Mystic Aquarium Green Team Staff
Bluff Point State Park
and Coastal Reserve
We are thrilled to have the Green Team staff of the Mystic Aquarium adopt a park!
The members include: Ken Backofen, Kerry Bannon, Josh Davis, Marie DeNoia, Alicia Eichinger, Becky Hirsh, MaryEllen Mateleska, Cassandra Meyer-Ogren, Deb Miles, Cheryl Miller, Tim Robbins, Janelle Schuh, Gayle Sirpenski , Allison Tuttle, and Kelly Zierenberg.
Their knowledge, professionalism, commitment to education and conservation will help us build a wonderful collaboration that will have a positive impact on our wildlife and natural recreational areas.
Magali Bazzano
Sleeping Giant State Park
Magali Bazzano is originally from Argentina. She will begin graduate studies in Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven, in the fall.
Magali gladly accepted our request to be trained to lead hikes to the tower on weekday mornings, providing a service we otherwise could not offer during the week.
Ability Beyond Disability

Batterson Pond State

Boat Launch

We have another wonderful group from Ability Beyond Disability helping us maintain a park!

Leaders Paul Starybrat and Clint Zicari encouraged Harley Izzo, Will Cruz, Aileen Cameron, Viki Sellei, Thomas Grillo, Juanita Adolphus and Haley Anderson to volunteer.

The enthusiastic group wants to gain experience and develop networking relationships through this service opportunity.
Norman Paradis
Wadsworth Falls
State Park
Norman Paradis is a resident of Portland. He acquired experience identifying and removing invasive weeds on his personal property, and will be helping us maintain various areas of the park. He has kindly committed to visiting his site in the afternoons after work or during the weekends, once a week.
John Graikoski
Stratton Brook State Park 
John Graikoski will help us do extensive maintenance at the park. He will be visiting the site several times a month to maintain the garden area and walking paths.
Wajid and Ahmed Abrar
Wadsworth Falls State Park 
We asked Wajid Abrar and his teenage son Ahmed to help us pick up litter on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings at the park, when the need is greatest. They kindly expressed their availability to help us.
Heather Tirrell
Chatfield Hollow State Park
Heather Tirrell is a very enthusiastic lady from Colchester. She joins the group of volunteers working to eradicate invasive, aquatic plants on the beach and swimming areas.
Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail
Shalyn Zappulla is a resident of Manchester. An experienced photographer and biology major, she has volunteered for several divisions in our Agency. Shalyn will help us maintain the trail free of litter and debris, and will visit the parks to take professional photos for our database.
Jackie Lindner
Salt Rock State Campground
Jacalyn J. Lindner works at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London. She has a masters degree in business administration. In our efforts to improve our service at Salt Rock, we decided to use her management and administration skills gathering feedback from our campers. She is also interested and available to help our campground management staff as needed.
Chris Fiore
Salt Rock State Campground
Chris Fiore, a resident of Rocky Hill, started volunteering at Salt Rock even before he received his adopting volunteer ID badge and orientation!  The staff was very impressed with his eagerness to help the maintainers trim trees and do trail work.

An enthusiastic volunteer, he will work with Jackie and spend time meeting campers to get to know their needs and requests to help us serve them better.
Shaun Hines and Steven Leitao
Wadsworth Falls State Park
Shaun Hines and Steven Leitao from the Community Partners in Action’s SOAR (Seeing Our Abilities Realized) program will lead groups of youth to help us clean and maintain the Big Falls, picnic and parking areas at the site.
Navy - Volunteers
Fort Griswold Battlefield
State Park
Sailors from the US Naval Submarine Base in Groton, New London will help us cut brushes at the historic fort during the fall. The group includes STS1 Michael Stapazzon, ET1 Joshua Jones, ET1 Jeremy Raymond, STS1 Jeffrey Langley, ETC Nick Moehl, ET1 Bradley Bevis, STS1 Joshua Garrison, ETC Jeff Higgins and STS1 Steven Kersey.
Fort Griswold Volunteers
Fort Griswold Battlefield
State Park
Susan Bailey, David Bailey, Keith Hedrick and Brent Eugenides took the initiative to maintain the Fort Street Landing area of Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, a waterfront property.  They will design a landscaping plan and engage members of the community to join them to upkeep the site.
Cub Scout Pack 43
Wadsworth Falls State Park
Cub Scout Pack 43, represented by leaders Jim Carlson and Lisa Ducharme, hope to earn many badges as they serve and maintain their community’s beautiful park. In addition to their volunteer service, they plan to hold meetings and spend days of fun at their site.
Anthony Moran
Wadsworth Falls State Park
Anthony Moran is a resident of Middletown and a high school student who will be helping us keep beautiful Wadsworth Falls clean.
Bluff Point SP Navy Volunteers
Bluff Point Coastal Reserve and State Park
Allicia Greenburgos encouraged coworkers from the NBHC Groton Sub Base to adopt Bluff Point. Not only will they will be clearing overgrown, woody brushes along the main trail, but also hope to help us maintain historic, Fort Griswold as well.
Navy Group
Bluff Point State Park
and Coastal Reserve
US NAVY sailors STS1 Strapezon, STS1 Garrison, YN2 Cliber, STS2 Starborough, LS2 Hill, STS1 Kersey, ET1 Clemons, ET2 Lanclos, ET2 Hogan, STS2 Furrow, ET1 Raymond, ET1 Gaglio and LS2 Irons adopted the beautiful coastal reserve, and will be clearing trails blocked by overgrown invasive species.
Quinnipiac Group
Barber Pond Wildlife Management Area
Alex Soucy, Taylor Rose, Matt Kirby, Brandon Lambert and Vinny Contrucci are students from Quinnipiac University committed to preserving our environment. They will help us maintain several sites this fall, and plan to motivate other friends to join their efforts.
Sue Toomey
Windsor Meadows
State Park
Sue Toomey is an avid cyclist who works near the park and will be helping us maintain its trails.
Cheryl Czuba
Haddam Meadows
 State Park 
Cheryl E. Czuba is a retired educator and nature lover who is also experienced in removal of invasive species of plants and management of volunteer groups.

Content Last Updated November 2013