Recycling at Coliseums, Arenas, Speedways
and Other Large Venues

Providing for recycling at large venues is a bit different than at special events.  Venues are destination locations that need to think about a system for recycling on a continuing basis.  Events on the other hand last only a short time, so their recycling systems are temporary.

Opportunities for recycling in public places vary depending on the type of venue. Recycling at a shopping mall might involve purchasing permanent recycling bins and signing an ongoing waste/recycling contract with a hauler. Recycling at conventions centers may rely on easily identifiable containers, but also need excellent communication with their clients to collect clean recyclables for a variety of events including garden, boat or camper shows that host thousands of people annually. Theme and amusement parks or airports need to make recycling fun and easy! Stadiums and other sports arenas and speedways have opportunities to recycle inside the venue and outside in parking lots, camping, and tailgating areas.

As we seek to increase our recycling and recovery rates in Connecticut, everyone needs to do their part. Below are resources to help businesses create strong and comprehensive recycling and waste recovery programs at their specific venue.

Recycling Is 

The Law!

Connecticut’s recycling laws and regulations require everyone in the state to recycle whether they are at home, at work, school, or at a special event.

Venue operators must make provisions for recycling.

The items required to be recycled in accordance with Section 22a-208v and Section 22a-256a of the Connecticut General Statutes and Section 22a-241b of the Regulations of the Connecticut State Agencies include:

  • Glass & metal food and beverage containers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • White office paper
  • Scrap Metal
  • Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries (from electronic waste)
  • Used motor oil
  • Lead acid batteries (from vehicles)
  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings

In addition to the state mandated recyclables listed above, check your local recycling contact to learn about additional materials you may be required to recycle.


Airports and Transportation

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Transportation Recycling (EPA)

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Seattle Airport Recycling Bins
Salt Lake City Airport Recycling Bins.  Photo courtesy of Plan-it Friendly, LLC


Convention Centers

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Shopping Centers & Malls

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Stadium Recycling

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Yale Bowl Entrance with Trash and Recycling Bins Yale Bulldog with Surrounding Recycling Bins

Race Tracks

Michigan International Speedway Recycling Successful With Help From Coca-Cola January 2008 (NASCAR)

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Theme and Amusement Parks

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Correctional Facilities

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Presented at the EPA Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) 2009 Workshop; Strategies for Encouraging Sustainable Venues, Track #8 in the Recycling Market Update Sessions:

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Are You Recycling at Your Large Venue?

We welcome your own stories of how you are reducing, reusing, recycling or composting at your venue. If you’d like to share your ideas, successes and/or resources, please contact the Recycling unit at 860-424-3366.

Content Last Updated February 2020