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What is the Challenge?

The State Electronics Challenge is a voluntary program that encourages state, regional, and local governments, including schools, to purchase greener products, reduce the impacts of electronic products during use, and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way. Participation is free, offers technical assistance, and provides annual recognition for achieving self-chosen goals.

The Goal

The goal of the SEC is to recruit "Partners" (any public sector entity) that commit to setting goals and implementing activities aimed at improving the environmental stewardship of their computer equipment, including:
  • The purchase of environmentally preferable computer products
  • The use of energy-saving features (like sleep modes)
  • Extending the lifespan of computers through upgrades and donation
  • The recycling of computers in an environmentally sound manner 

Who Can Join?

Any state agency, county, town, tribal unit, public school or university, or public sector entity can participate in the State Electronics Challenge (SEC) as a "Partner" organization. The SEC is committed to helping Partners improve their electronics stewardship, regardless of their size or current electronics management practices.

Why Become a Partner?

It will help soften your organization’s environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, municipal and hazardous waste, and toxic materials in the environment.

  • It will enable you to track your progress and measure results enforcing alignment with climate change, waste management, energy-efficiency initiatives and executive orders.
  • You will be able to gain access to tools and technical support through the Web site, teleconferences, discussion forum, and listserv.
  • You will receive recognition of your achievements through the SEC Web site, annual SEC report, media, and state and local venues.


The DEEP joined the SEC in November 2008 and encourages your government, school, or other public agency to do the same.  Please see Become a Partner if you are interested in joining the SEC! It's free!

DEEP was recently honored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for implementing a "green" purchasing program that has helped reduce the environmental impacts of use and disposal of computer equipment. Staff from the Department of Environmental Protection accepted an EPA Region 1 Environmental Merit Award for their work as part of the State Electronics Challenge.

DEP Staff All Recipients
Left to Right:  Mary Sherwin, Gina McCarthy, Chris Nelson, Judy Belaval (all from DEEP) Left to Right:  Ira Leighton, EPA; Chris Beling, EPA; Jetta Antonakos, Maine State Government; Cleora O'Connor, City of Providence, RI, School Department; Wendelin Kipp, City of Keene, NH; Judy Belaval, DEEP; Mary Sherwin, CT DEEP; Stephen Perkins, EPA  


DEEP Achieves Bronze Level in the Challenge

DEEP purchased 1,870 "environmentally preferable" new computer products in 2008. All of the computers purchased by the agency were EnergyStar compliant, contained fewer toxins and also improved power management during use compared with previous computers. DEEP also recycled more than 1,700 used desktops, monitors, and notebook computers through a state contract that requires recyclers to exemplify a commitment to environmentally sound end-of-life management practices, further reducing the impacts to the environment.


DEEP Realizes Energy Use and Pollution Reductions from the Challenge

By instituting changes to purchasing of computers, DEEP realized the following savings:

  • An energy savings of nearly 0.9 million kilowatt hours, or enough power to supply 71 homes annually.
  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions, equivalent to removing 89 cars off the road.
  • 15 metric tons diverted from the municipal waste stream, equal to the waste generated by 8 households.
  • 142 pounds of toxic materials like lead and mercury was prevented from entering the environment.

For more information

Log onto the State Electronics Challenge Web site. Everything you need to know is right there at your fingertips.

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Content Last Updated January 5, 2022