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We've Been Recognized! 

Business  Date   Highlights*   Comments*
Black Pond Brews, Dayville CTLogo Black Pond Brews  1/2024 Reduced energy & water usage; reduced waste water pollutants & solid waste generated; raw materials, CT grown supports local economy; promotes environmental stewardship Reductions in GHG emissions; approx 200 lbs/yr of plastic waste avoided from reusing can carriers

Kent Falls Brewing Company, Kent CT


 1/2024 Farmland preservation, locally grown raw materials supports local economy; renewable energy off-set electricity usage; reduced solid waste & CO2 usage; promotes environmental sustainability.  Supported over 50 acres of NE grain shed; 33.5 metric tons of CO2 avoided/yr  (7.5 cars off the road); over 2000 lbs. plastic waste avoided/yr

Nod Hill Brewery, Ridgefield CT

 1/2024 Renewable energy off-sets energy usage; reduced CO2, water and raw material usage; reduced solid waste, storm-water run-off; promotes environmental culture and local economy & conservation  267 metric tons of CO2 avoided/yr (equal to taking 59.5 cars off the road)

 * Highlights and Comments serve as a brief example of what each recognized business has done and does not include all actions taken or all environmental benefits; calculations are best estimates. 



Content last updated March, 2024