Storm Preparation Resources for Municipal Wastewater Facilities

Climate change impacts include, but are not limited to, increases in the frequency and severity of precipitation events, flooding, storm surge, wave action and sea level rise concerns.

Here is how your municipality can prepare for the next big storm:

Suggested Pre-Extreme Weather Preparation Activities for Wastewater Facilities

Status Updates During Extreme Weather Events

In order to provide the Governor with status updates during extreme weather events, the DEEP may contact municipalities through our Municipal Wastewater listserv to submit a Storm Event Reporting Form.

Long-Term Emergency Planning

The following resources are available to municipalities to prepare existing and proposed wastewater infrastructure to be resilient:

Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Change Adaptation (CIRCA) - CIRCA's mission is to increase the resilience and sustainability of vulnerable communities along Connecticut’s coast and inland waterways to the growing impacts of climate change on the natural, built, and human environment.

CIRCA Municipal Resilience Grant Program - Funding source for municipalities

"Wastewater Infrastructure Storm Resilience" - August 18, 2016 presentation at DEEP by UCONN and CIRCA

EPA Webpage: Emergency Response for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities - EPA has a variety of tools and guidance to support drinking water and wastewater utility preparedness and response.

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Content last updated on January 15, 2020