Environmental Impact Evaluations for and Public Comments on Wastewater Projects and Permits

PLAINFIELD NORTH: Public Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Intention Not to Prepare an Environmental Impact Evaluation Dated November 22, 2023

BOZRAH: Environmental Impact Evaluation Report for the Bozrah Sanitary Sewer Extension dated May 2022, a location map and the comments recieved during scoping.

BRIDGEPORT: Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Facilities Plan for the West and East Side Wastewater Treatment Plants dated May 2021 and location maps (May 2021)  Record of Decision (September 2021), Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, Attachment 4 and Attachment 5.

NEW HAVEN: Environmental Impact Evaluation for the City of New Haven Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Control Plan Update dated November 1, 2018 and project map (February 2021)

NORWALK: Response to comments for Application No. 201812006: DEEP Draft Permit ResponsesDEEP Public Hearing Responses and the City of Norwalk's ResponsesDEEP presentation and the City of Norwalk's presentation from the public hearing held January 14, 2021.

BRIDGEPORT:  Draft Bridgeport WWTP Facility Plan for the East and West Side Treatment Plants (December 2020) Cover Letter, Section 01, Section 02, Section 03, Section 04, Section 05, Section 06, Section 07, Section 08, Section 09, Section 10, Appendices A-F, Appendix G, and Appendices H-OPublic comment responses from DEEP and the Bridgeport WPCA

OLD LYME:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Coastal Wastewater Management Plan, Town of Old Lyme (June 2018) (Map)

RIDGEFIELD:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Ridgefield Wastewater Treatment Facilities Upgrade (August 2017) (Figures)

FRANKLIN:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Franklin Sewer & Water Main Extension (July 2017)

MANSFIELD:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Mansfield Four Corners Sewer Extension (January 2016)

WATERBURY:  Draft Comprehensive Engineering Report for Phosphorus Removal, City of Waterbury, Water Pollution Control Facility (September 2015)

NORWICH:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Norwich Department of Public Utilities Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan (October 2015)

OLD LYME:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Miami Beach, Old Lyme Shores Beach and Old Colony Beach Club Associations, Wastewater Facilities Plan, Old Lyme, CT (October 2015)

FARMINGTON:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Farmington Water Pollution Control Facility, Upgrade and Expansion

DURHAM:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for Durham Water System Extension, Durham, CT  and Durham Water System Extension Feasibility Study Update, Durham, CT

CROMWELL:  Draft Environmental Impact Evaluation for Expansion and Upgrade of The Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility, Cromwell, Connecticut

OLD SAYBROOK:  Draft Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Town of Old Saybrook Decentralized Wastewater Management District

DANBURY:  Draft Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Town of Danbury West Side Sewer Interceptor Project

NEW HARTFORD:  Revised Draft Environmental Impact Evaluation for the Town of New Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade and Expansion

MIDDLEBURY:  Environmental Impact Evaluation for a Public Water Supply System Expansion and Regional Interconnection in Middlebury

MIDDLETOWN:  Draft Environmental Impact Evaluation for a project to eliminate the Middletown Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) through the construction of a pump station and sewers to convey the wastewater to the Mattabassett WPCF for treatment and discharge

CHESTER:  Chester Wastewater Planning Study Recommending Abandonment of the Maple Street Community Septic System and a Limited Sewer Extension to Connect to the Town of Deep River’s Public Sewer System

HARTFORD:  Evaluation for Improvements Stipulated in Metropolitan District Commission's Long Term Control Plan 5/31/07

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