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Unpublished Bedrock Quadrangle Maps & 

Partial Compilations

Below you will find links to a set of 124 partial and full quadrangle bedrock maps by various authors including topics such as bedrock type, outcrop locations, and structural maps. This map set contains unpublished maps, cross-sections, and related information archived by the State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut as part of the Survey Library Collection. These materials have not been reviewed for accuracy, consistency, or completeness. For many geographic areas, more current information exists, either in published or unpublished form.
These materials were largely developed under research and mapping agreements between the State Geological Survey and individual scientists, academic institutions, or graduate students. Some of these materials have been received by the State Geological Survey as donations. The veracity of the information contained within these documents is the responsibility of the authorship. The State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut, does not promote or endorse this content, nor does the State Survey attest as to its level of accuracy.
Original documents are available for inspection by contacting the Connecticut State Geologist.
Listing below by US Geological Survey Quadrangle names and type of map.
These materials have been preserved under a cooperative agreement between the State Geological Survey and the US Geological Survey as part of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program.
Content last updated February 16, 2023