Connecticut Geographic Names Authority



The Connecticut Geographic Names Authority reviews geographic name applications received by the US Board on Geographic Names (USBGN), of the U.S. Geological Survey. 

The mission of the committee is to conduct names research and canvas local stakeholders for input on pending geographic names applications. We then meet to review all the available information, and make a recommendation to the USBGN. Recommendations are to be consistent with USBGN naming policies.


Our recommendations are either to endorse, oppose, or defer until additional information that would impact the decision can be acquired. The USBGN makes the final determination for geographic names applications.


Geographic names convey much more than a place identifier. They communicate the history of people, places, and culture, and are critical aspects of both our identity and our legacy. They also serve a very practical purpose in society relative to mapping, communications, land use, and emergency management.    

The Connecticut Geographic Names Authority is chaired by the Connecticut State Geologist.  Membership includes State agency representatives, research specialists, and mappers.  Applications are reviewed and discussed by all members of the committee. Annual meetings are held in the fall, and at other times as required. The entire review process is very thorough, and typically takes several months.


The Connecticut Geographic Names Authority is a member of the U.S. Council of Geographic Names Authorities an association of officially recognized state and federal agencies working toward standardization of official geographic names across the country.


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Connecticut Geographic Names Authority
Committee Membership 2023

Meghan Seremet, Connecticut State Geologist, Chair

Sarah Sportman PhD, Connecticut State Archaeologist

Tasha Caswell, Digitization Lab Manager, Connecticut Historical Society

Danielle Moyer, PhD., Emergency Management Program Specialist, Hazard Mitigation Officer, DEMHS

Brian Florek, Chief Surveyor, DEEP

Geospatial Information Systems Manager, Connecticut Military

Eric Lindquist, Planning Specialist, DPH

Edith Pestana, Environmental Justice Program, DEEP

Susan Bigelow, Reference Librarian, Connecticut State Library


Content last updated September, 2023