Geological and Natural History Survey

Geological and Natural History Survey logoThe Geological and Natural History Survey (CGNHS)  is responsible for coordination and implementation of statewide natural resource data collection inventories in the following areas: surficial and bedrock geology, fauna and flora including endangered species, and the development and operation of a resource oriented data base management system.

Legislated Mandate, History, and State Agency Context
Act Establishing the CGNHS   |  History of the CGNHS  | CGNHS in DEP/DEEP

Connecticut Survey Leadership History 1835-2022

Survey Publications
The Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey produces maps and publications including survey bulletins, reports of investigations, statewide and detailed quadrangle maps, digital geologic imagery and GIS data, biological and botanical reports of investigation, and geologic guidebooks among others. Many older bulletins and geologic guidebooks are available online. Print publications are available through the Connecticut State Library, and some publications are for sale through the DEEP Store.

Survey Library and Scientific Collections
The Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey maintains an archival documents library containing materials relevant to the Survey mission. Rare and out-of-print Survey publications are also housed in the library. The library is accessed with assistance from Survey staff. Botanical scientific collections are primarily archived through a partnership with the University of Connecticut. Geological collections are housed in Hartford and in the Geological Collections Repository in Portland. 

Connecticut Geological Survey

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