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State Bedrock Map Revision Strategic Plan

The Connecticut Bedrock Map Revision Strategic Plan has been developed to formalize the Connecticut long-range bedrock mapping strategy to guide and facilitate future cooperative mapping and digital compilation efforts. This plan will help accelerate the development, production, and accessibility of a new modern Connecticut Bedrock Map by the year 2030.

Each 7.5 minute quadrangle in Connecticut has been given a priority rating for both bedrock mapping and digital geodatabase development (GeMS format). Ratings are designated as high, medium, and low priority. Generally, geodatabase development priority areas were identified as the inverse of mapping priorities. Accordingly, high priority work can progress in GIS and field investigations simultaneously.

Additional details, scientific contributors, and considerations in the prioritization process are documented in the Connecticut Bedrock Map Revision Strategic Plan. The plan will be updated as work progresses,
reviewed annually by the State Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee, and may be altered under advisement by the Committee should societal issues dictate a shift in geologic investigations and mapping efforts.      

Development of this plan was funded in part by the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program under STATEMAP award number G20AC00396-01, 2020. For further information, please contact the Connecticut Geological Survey.  

Content last updated February 2, 2023