Connecticut Primary Wood Processors

Connecticut's primary wood processors are sawmills that produce a range of wood products - from rough lumber to finished flooring, and from timbers to wood chips. 

The map and directory give secondary wood products manufacturing firms, wood reprocessing firms and other wood users the information they need to connect with Connecticut’s primary wood processors.

Link to Primary Processors Map

Select the map to Locate a Connecticut Primary Wood Processor or view the Directory of Connecticut Primary Wood Processers

Note: Neither the map nor the directory are designed for use by landowners seeking to sell timber or locate forest management services. A separate Directory of Certified Forest Practitioners is available for these purposes. The Directory of Certified Forest Practitioners includes listings for certified Foresters, Supervising Forest Products Harvesters, and Forest Products Harvesters. Forest landowners are encouraged to learn the differences between levels of Certified Forest Practitioners.

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Content last updated August 2021