The Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan 2004-2013

"The Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan is designed to serve as an overview for planning future activities within the forest community of Connecticut

So begins the document that seeks to bring together a coherent set of "visions" and action steps for the users of Connecticut's forests.  The product of nearly 4 years of work, the Forest Resource Plan is the comprehensive synthesis of a wide range of inputs from many forest users.  This process was led by Ms. Helene Hochholzer, Forest Resource Planner, Connecticut DEEP Forester and author of the Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan.

The preparation of the Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan involved each of the various stakeholder groups with interest in the forests of Connecticut.  During the process, a series of visions were developed to simulate ideal conditions in Connecticut, and 10 focus groups were formed to provide feedback on issues perceived of as potentially limiting the achievement of these visions.  The focus groups also provided possible action steps to correct these limitations.  These issues and action steps were then compiled and presented to an Advisory Committee.  This Committee analyzed the results and organized them into a workable document.  The process concluded with a peer review by over 200 individuals and organizations through a series of questionnaires. 

The Forest Resource Plan is available in PDF format.  You can either download the entire report, or download the report by sections.  You may also request a printed copy of the report by contacting the CT DEEP Division of Forestry at:

CT DEEP Forestry
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Please Note - the Forest Resource Plan also served as the precursor to the Forest Resource Assessment The process used to develop the Forest Resource Plan was very helpful in generating the Forest Resource Assessment.  The Plan also provided important guidance regarding the interests and concerns of stakeholders and partners in the quest for a vibrant Connecticut forest of the future.

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The full Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan

Section One - Introductory Chapters

Section Two - Program of Action 2004-2013

Section Three - Additional Materials

Section Four - Appendices

Section Five - Satellite Derived Forest Cover Map