Continuing Education Program for Connecticut Certified Forest Practitioners

The regulations which govern Connecticut forest practitioner certification require that all certified forest practitioners participate every two year (biennial) period for the life of their certification in a relevant program of professional education to improve or maintain professional forestry skills. The first biennial period begins on the day the individual's certificate is issued. Only educational programs completed within the two-year period in which you are applying for CEU credit will be considered. Any educational programs completed prior to certification may not be considered for CEU credit.

Certified forest practitioners are required to inform the Forestry Division what approved continuing education programs they have attended in order to meet the required number of CEUs. The Department encourages practitioners to report continuing education programs that they have attended only at certification renewal.

Assignment of CEUs to Educational Programs

Anyone may request that the Forestry Division consider a specific workshop, meeting, college level credit course, course, seminar, or field session for CEUs. The Forestry Division encourages the submission of a request to assign CEUs to a program prior to participating in the program. Requests for assignment of CEUs must be received by the Forestry Division 20 business days prior to program participation to provide ample time for review and response. A request may be made for CEU assignment after the program has taken place, however, the only way to be sure the program will have CEUs assigned is to submit the request prior to participation. Determination by the Forestry Division of whether or not the educational program submitted is assigned CEUs is based on its relevance to the profession, Connecticut’s forests, and the level of certification.

Program sponsors are encouraged to submit the required information to the Forestry Division prior to advertising the program to the public. The program announcement can then advertise the number of CEUs assigned to the program.

By law the following information must be submitted for review before the Forestry Division can make a decision whether or not to assign CEUs:

  • The date of the program
  • The program title
  • Program agenda
  • Name and title of instructors
  • Sponsoring organization and contact person
  • The number of hours

Normally, this information can be found in the program flyer. Program sponsors should be sure that this information is provided in their request for advanced approval.

CEUs are assigned at the following rates:

  1. One (1) CEU will be assigned for each full three (3) hours of duration of qualifying workshops, meetings, courses, seminars, or field sessions.
  2. Four (4) CEUs will be assigned for each credit hour in a qualifying college level credit course.

Each level of certification has a specified number of CEUs that they must attain to meet the requirements for renewal of certification. They are as follows:

  • Forester - six (6) CEUs every two years for a total of 12 CEUs for the four-year certification period.
  • Supervising Forest Products Harvester - four (4) CEUs every two years for a total of 8 CEUs for the four-year certification period.
  • Forest Products Harvester - three (3) CEUs every two years for a total of 6 CEUs for the four-year certification period.

The Forestry Division maintains a record of those programs that already have CEUs assigned to them. Note that the listing is not a complete list of all of the continuing education programs that are available.

Receiving CEU Credit

In order for an individual to receive credit for participation in a program that has been assigned CEUs, sufficient evidence that they have participated must be submitted. This may come in several forms such as, but not limited to, a certificate or a report card. It is the participant's responsibility to secure evidence of participation. Verbal evidence is not acceptable. Evidence of participation must be secured from the course sponsors. Please remember that it is the certified practitioner's responsibility to secure and maintain records of proof of attendance!

Simply signing up or paying a registration fee does not entitle an individual to CEUs. Program attendance is required. Program sponsors are expected to note on the evidence of participation form any failure to fully complete the program. When mailing evidence of participation information to the Division, copies should be retained by the participant.

Continuing education courses are not offered year-round and certified forest practitioners are advised not to wait until the deadline is near to start looking for programs. It is the certified practitioner's responsibility to meet the requirements of the regulations within the certification period.

Your certification is at risk if you fail to obtain the required number of CEUs on time!

Continuing Education Opportunities

List of approved CEU programs currently being offered.

Approved workshops offering CEUs are available from a variety of sources and at locations both within Connecticut and throughout the Northeast region. Not all workshops are eligible for Connecticut CEUs. To determine eligibility, contact the Forest Practices Act Staff of the Forestry Division.

The following programs have already been approved for Connecticut CEU's:

CPR, First Aid, EMT and MRT medical training, all levels of the Game of Logging, Basic Logger Rescue, and Advanced Logger Rescue

Many organizations based outside Connecticut offer programs that may be acceptable for continuing education units. For the purposes of circulating information on educational opportunities, these organizations may have their own mailing lists. We suggest that practitioners contact outside organizations to determine if and how they might be placed on one or more of these mailing lists.

Northeastern Loggers’ Association, Phone: 315-369-3078
NELA maintains an excellent website that not only highlights their workshops but provides links to a number of forest and logging education organizations throughout New England, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Other organizations include:

If we do not have your correct address, it is unlikely that you will receive any information regarding CEU opportunities. Remember to advise us of your change of address when you relocate!

CEU Checklist

  1. Check to be sure the program has Connecticut CEUs assigned prior to attendance.
  2. Attend the program.
  3. Secure evidence of participation from the course sponsor before leaving.
  4. Submit the evidence of participation to the Forestry Division at the time of certification renewal.
  5. Be sure to complete the required number of CEUs prior to the end of the two-year period.

CEU Tracking Form for Certified Forest Practitioners

For more information on the Continuing Education Program for Connecticut Certified Forest Practitioners contact:

Nick Zito
DEEP, Forestry Division
79 Elm Street, 6th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

Content last updated in April 2022.