"If Found" Sticker

image of if found decal 

The "If Found" sticker for human-propelled (kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards) and other non-registered boats was designed to help save lives, recover missing property, and reduce the time, effort and resources expended on non-emergency search and rescues.

The waterproof stickers are available free of charge to Connecticut residents and provide space for your name and two phone numbers.  It's important to list two phone numbers; if you fall overboard, your cell phone may end up in the water with you and no longer work.

Affixing the "If Found" sticker on board your boat will help emergency responders determine if a true emergency exists if your boat is found.

Request a sticker through the link below or by emailing the Boating Division at deep.boating@ct.gov. Include the number of stickers you need and your mailing address.

Request Link: "If Found" Sticker

If you have further questions, please contact the Boating Division at deep.boating@ct.govor at 860-434-8638.