Frequently Asked Questions

State Boat Launches
Please be courteous to other when using a boat launch. When rigging or breaking down your vessel, please do not block or obstruct access to the ramp or other areas. Use the designated staging area, if provided.  
Where can I find up-to-date information about the State owned boat launches?
Visit the DEEP's State boat launch interactive website for long term closures and follow the DEEP Boating Division (@CTBoatinginfo) on Twitter for temporary closures.
How can I submit a suggestions or a concern that I have about a State owned boat launch?
Complete and submit a "Report a Boat Launch Maintenance Issue, Concern or Suggestion" or contact the Boating Division at 860-434-8638
If I see illegal activity at a boat launch, what should I do?
Please report acts of vandalism, littering or dumping, and other illegal activities to our Environmental Conservation Police at 860-424-3333. We appreciate your help.
Is there a fee for using a State boat launch?
The State boat launches are free of charge unless they are in a State Park. If the park has an entrance fee, you must pay the entrance fee to get access to the launch.
Do I need a permit or sticker to use a state boat launch?
No, a permit or sticker is not required. However, a permit is required for an organized boating or fishing event.  A boating event requires a Marine Event Permit (MEP) and a fishing tournament or derby requires a permit.
When are the State Boat Launches open?
State boat launches are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless it is in a State Park. Boat launches in State Parks are open during park hours only.
Can I park overnight at a boat launch?
Yes you may do so at your own risk for up to two (2) days. We recommend you inform our Environmental Conservation Police at 860-424-3333.
Will I see any DEEP staff members at the launches?

  • The Boating Division hires seasonal Boating Educational Assistants (BEA’s). They conduct free vessel safety checks and educate boaters about clean and safe boating practices, regulations and ways to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species into CT waters.
  • The Environmental Conservation Police officers enforce State laws and regulations. 
  • The Fisheries Division hires season staff to conduct creel surveys.
What activities are allowed at a state boat launch?
Fishing, launching/retrieving a boat, observing wildlife from designated areas, parking for offsite hunting.

Can I bring my dog to the boat launch?
Yes, boaters and anglers may bring their dogs, however, they must be on a leash no longer than seven (7) feet and under the control of their owner or keeper. The person responsible for the dog must hold the leash at all times. Dogs may be prohibited on any area or during any time period when so posted by the Department.
Can I go scuba diving or swimming at or from the boat launch?
No, you cannot swim, scuba dive or snorkel at or from the boat launch.
Where can I find waterbody regulations?
Waterbody regulations can be found in the Boater’s Guide.
Content last updated April 1, 2022