Frequently Asked Questions

Transient Boating Facilities
Federal Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Program


What is a Transient Boating Facility funded by the BIG Program?
Federal funds provide grants for marinas, municipalities and other entities to construct facilities for transient boaters. The program was started because research showed that there weren’t enough slips, moorings or dockage for non-trailerable boats that are 26’ and larger. 
How do I find a publicly accessible transient slip or mooring in Connecticut?
Visit DEEP’s Connecticut Facilities for Transient Boaters map.  This information is also available in the Connecticut Boater’s Guide.  Select any of the points on the map, and enlarge the pop-up screen for information about how to reserve a slip or mooring, and what amenities are available at each site.
Who can use a BIG funded transient boating facility – either a slip or mooring – and the upland amenities available at that site?
Any recreational boater with a vessel 26 feet or larger can utilize a BIG funded transient boating facility and the associated upland amenities offered at each site.
How long can I stay at a BIG  mooring or slip?
The maximum stay at a BIG funded slip or mooring is 15 days.
What is the cost to stay at a BIG funded slip or mooring?
The fee for use of transient moorings and slips is set by the marine facility, but must be consistent with or lower than the prevailing rate in the area.
How far away is the nearest pumpout facility from the transient boating facility?
A pumpout facility is most likely located at the facility, but there must be a pumpout facility within two miles.
If I am a marine facility, how do I apply for a BIG grant to create new transient slips or moorings and associated upland amenities?
DEEP issues an annual Request for Proposals for Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) proposals to marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, other marine facilities, municipalities, non-profity organizations and private entities.  How to apply for a BIG grant. 

Content last updated December 2019