Clean Boater Program

Reduce and Recycle

Remember recycling extends the life of landfills, pollutes less than incineration, saves you money, and saves natural resources energy.


The best way to reduce your waste stream is to use less from the start. When you buy products with minimal packaging, you reduce the amount of waste and harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Choices you make at the point of purchase can affect a reduction at the point of manufacture.


We all know that recycling is economically and environmentally smart. Plus, by recycling, we could prevent thousands of pounds of debris from polluting the ocean and coastal areas. When boating, bring your recyclables ashore to recycle at home or at a marina. Encourage your marina to recycle. Please recycle cans, glass, plastic, bottles, newspaper, cardboard, antifreeze, oil filters and oil. Recycle spent lead acid batteries and other batteries where you buy them and bring monofilament fishing line to tackle shops for recycling.

Tips to Reduce and Recycle
  • Choose brands with the least packaging.
  • Purchase quality items — a few pennies more now saves costs on replacement and repair later.
  • Think repair rather than replace.
  • Buy foods in bulk to avoid excess packaging.
  • Let store managers know you support brands that are sensitive to source reduction.
  • Use a reusable boat cover rather than shrink-wrap to protect your boat in the winter. If you do a shrink-wrap, recycle the shrink-wrap in the spring.
Content Last Updated on December 26, 2019.