Twin Lakes Boat Launch

HYDRILLA IS RAPIDLY SPREADING THROUGHOUT CT AND HAS BEEN RECENTLY FOUND IN THIS WATERBODY. It grows quickly and forms dense patches. It can displace native plants, impact fish and wildlife habitat, and interfere with boating, paddling and fishing.

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A view from the Twin Lakes boat launch.

Site Sketch of the Twin Lakes Boat Launch

Type: Car Top/Carry-In
Season: Year round
Address: State Boat Ramp Access Road, Salisbury
Directions: Route 44, north on Twin Lakes Road, take the gravel road on the left, 2.7 miles north of Route 44 and 0.4 miles north of the marina. Launch is located on East Twin Lake.
Lake Area: 859 Acres
Regulations: 3 water-skiers limit per boat, 35 MPH limit except 6 MPH limit within 200 feet of vessel or dock except taking off or landing water-skier, also 6 MPH limit from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/ 2 hour after sunrise. Water-skiing activity to go counterclockwise on east and west halves of East Twin Lake.
Fishing Regulations: Freshwater Fishing Guide (
Docks: None
Toilets: None
Parking Spaces: 4
Parking Surface: Dirt
Access Road Surface: Gravel
Ramp Surface: Dirt
ADA Accessible: No
Additional Information: Fishing Tournaments (

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The entrance to the Twin Lakes boat launch.

The access road to the Twin Lakes boat launch.
Access Road

The turning area of the Twin Lakes boat launch.
Turning Area

The ramp of the Twin Lakes boat launch.

The parking area for the Twin Lakes boat launch.

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