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READI: Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity, and Inclusion

COA knows that equity, inclusion, and access for all people are key to the health and well-being of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. We help by supporting and including diverse members of our communities in arts policy, practice, and decision-making.


We use the READI model to guide our program and investment decisions.

Relevance — Meaningful or purposeful connection to one’s aspirations, interests or experiences in relation to current society or culture.

We commit to a culture that supports curiosity, action and awareness in, about and through the arts.

Equity — Policy and practice that is fair and just; processes and systems designed to ensure that we distribute resources without bias.

We commit to a level playing field for constituents to access the resources in our control and the systems we can influence.  

Access — Pathways that invite participation and communication and that provide opportunities for constituents from all populations.

We commit to cultivating channels for engagement on all levels for all people.  

Diversity — A mosaic of individuals offering unique perspectives and experiences influenced by their ethnic, cultural, social, economic and ability backgrounds.

We commit to enhancing creativity through diversity.  

Inclusion — Active participation by constituents who represent and reflect communities we are all a part of.

We commit to building a community that is respectful and responsive to the diverse talents, skills and abilities of all people.

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