Research on CT Visitors


Tracking visitors to the state is key to understanding what draws them here, what they do and where they go when visiting Connecticut, and how likely they are to return.

The Connecticut Office of Tourism gathers research from primary and secondary sources to determine visitors’ travel behavior and attitudes, characteristics and expenditures.

Recent Reports

2017 Traveler Profile Research (June 2018)
The Connecticut Traveler Profile & Benchmark Comparison Study provided decision makers with an objective profile of who visits Connecticut, what they do there, how much they spend and more.  

Connecticut’s Visitor Intercept Study (Seasonal)
Through 2017, the Connecticut Office of Tourism conducted interviews with visitors to over 50 attractions across the state, including museums, casinos, parks, beaches, destination shopping, events, arts venues, farms and markets, vineyards and welcome centers. The database began in 2001 and now includes the results of almost 50,000 interviews.   

Visitor Attendance Index
VISION Index is a benchmark of tourism activity in Connecticut tracking changes in visitor attendance at a diverse panel of leading tourism attractions. Witan Intelligence, a Connecticut-based marketing research and strategy firm, compiles the statistics and identifies trends. Reports are posted monthly.

For past reports, contact Rob Damroth at (860) 500-2349 or