Use the Connecticut Brand


As a state of makers, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are a powerful force for good in our country, the Connecticut brand has been designed to reflect our identity. It is as inspired as it is inviting, with a flexibility and application that showcases endless possibilities, much like our small and mighty state.

Brand Guidelines

Our Connecticut brand mark and typography is for everyone, from residents and businesses to municipalities and communities small and large. We invite you to make it part of your marketing efforts, and offer broad guidelines on its usage, including featuring your own Connecticut imagery or design within the CT icon.


Logo Icons

You may also download high-resolution logo files in different formats for your use against a dark background as well as a white background.

Should you want to incorporate your own imagery or design within the CT logo icon, we ask that you seek approval on use. Please email and explain what imagery or design is being used within the logo, what you’re using the logo for, and explain its connection(s) to our state, either symbolic or actual.

Download our LOGO FILES (Zip file).

Connecticut Type & Fonts

The fonts used in the Connecticut brand are as modern as they are expressive, and are critical for maintaining our identity.

Now Bold is used for the word “Connecticut” in our logo. Download the Now Bold font.

Poppins is used for headlines (Semibold) and body copy (Regular). Download the Poppins font. 

Both fonts are free and have open source licensing.


For information or questions, or for additional logo formats and application uses, contact or call Ellen Woolf at (860) 500-2358.