The Connecticut Building at the Big E

How To Apply

The Application

Click HERE for 2024 application. 
Application deadline:  Wednesday, March 20, 2024.  The application platform will close at 11:45 pm.

You must be prepared to complete the application in its entirety.  You cannot save an application and return later to complete it.

 The application consists of the following questions:

  • Tell us what you love about Connecticut.
  • Type of Exhibitor (full-time, part-time, Showcase)
  • Type of Business Structure (Sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC)
  • Year of Business Formation
  • Business Information
    • Name of business Or Sole Proprietor's full name)
    • DBA
    • Address
    • City/Town
    • Zip code
  • Your business must be registered with the Connecticut Secretary of the State (SOS) and be "In Good Standing", which means to be up-to-date on its filing requirements.  Click HERE to look up your business' ALEI number.  Note:  Not applicable to a Sole Proprietorship.
  • Does your business have a brick and mortar location?
  • If yes, enter address of your brick and mortar location.
  • How will your booth support the purpose of the Connecticut Building?  Be specific.
  • For Showcase and part-time vendors, indicate the date(s) you wish to participate.
  • In bullet format, provide a detailed list of the items you would like to offer.  For each item, indicate where and by whom the item is manufactured. Applicants should be prepared to provide documentation that goods/products are made in Connecticut, if requested.  Note:  Items manufactured outside Connecticut are ineligible.
  • Beside the opportunity to make money, tell us why you want to be a vendor in the Connecticut Building.
  • How will you create an enjoyable experience for fair-goers?  Be specific.
  • List other fairs/shows/expositions in which you have participated. Include the year of participation.
  • Where else are your goods/products sold?  (i.e. Etsy, Amazon, local gift shops)
  • Upload photo(s) of your exhibit.
  • Upload a schematic drawing/diagram of the layout of exhibit.
  • Upload letter of recommendation.  Note:  The letter should be from an event organizer from another fair/show/exhibition in which you participated.
  • Indicate square footage requested
  • Indicate the equipment, utilities and amenities that you require:
    • Upgraded electricity
      Note:  Vendors have access to an electrical outlet for 110-volt current for normal use only.  Additional outlets and/or voltage will be consider only if it can be supported by the building's electrical system and approved by the State's contracted electrician.  Upgrades are at the expense of the vendor.
    • Hand Sink
      NoteNot all booths are equipped with a sink. Depending on the location assigned to you and the products being offered, you may have to supply your own portable hand sink to satisfy the requirements set forth by the Town of West Springfield Health Department.
    • Use of state-owned kitchen sink and dishwasher
    • Use of state-owned walk-in refrigerator
    • Use of state-owned walk-in freezer
    • Dry storage (aka "dead" storage) to park a storage unit on the Big E grounds.
      Note Dead storage is an additional cost payable to the Big E
    • Propane
      Note Use of propane must be approved by the Town of West Springfield's Fire Marshall.  Propane is an additional cost payable to the approved vendor of the Big E.
    • Other (please specify)
    • None of the above

Review Process and Criteria

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee.  Members of the selection committee evaluate and score each application based on the criteria outlined below.  Do not assume the Selection Committee is familiar with your business and its goods/products/service(s). Returning applicants should treat the application process as if it were the first time applying, regardless of past participation.

A. Alignment with the mission and purpose of the Connecticut Building (40 points)

  • Expresses clear understanding of the purpose of the Connecticut Building

  • Offers an authentically Connecticut-Made product  

  • Committed to creating an enjoyable experience for visitors

B.  Booth layout, signage, displays and appearance (40 points)

  • Proudly Connecticut
  • Presents a positive image
  • Demonstrates creativity to enhance image of exhibitor and the products/services
  • Professional and neatly organized

C. Pertinent Experience (10 points)

  • Experience at other fairs/show/expositions

  • Strong and compelling letter of recommendation

D. Quality of Application (10 points)

  • Each question answered thoughtfully and thoroughly