Regional Marketing Partners


The Connecticut Office of Tourism established the Regional Marketing Program to enhance its outreach to — and collaboration with — local tourism partners across the state. Through a diverse array of initiatives, the program strives to help every region of the state, as well as every tourism-related business within those regions, maximize the benefits of Connecticut's statewide tourism marketing.

Key Activities

Through the Regional Marketing Program, the Office of Tourism partners closely with local organizations and businesses to:

  • host Regional Outreach Meetings to discuss tourism-related issues and opportunities and share ideas for how to drive more visitors to their business and their region;
  • run training sessions to help local businesses optimize their free listing on;
  • explore opportunities for local partners to participate in the state's extensive PR, social media and content marketing efforts;
  • leverage the state's international tourism marketing initiatives to raise awareness of their own offerings;
  • build partnerships with other businesses to brainstorm new packages and enhance their visitor's overall experience;
  • gather insights from the state's tourism marketing research that can help them better market their local tourism offerings.

Regional Partners

In addition to local tourism businesses of all types, the Regional Marketing Program brings together a broad range of organizations that share a common interest in driving economic growth through tourism. Just a few of the types of partners involved in this program include:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Councils of Government
  • Arts Coalitions
  • Municipalities of All Sizes
  • Industry Associations
  • Humanities Councils
  • Educational Institutions
  • Event Organizations

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To learn how to become a tourism partner and to optimize the state's no-cost marketing programs, contact Industry Regional Outreach Manager Rose Bove at (860) 500-2355 or