About the Office of Capital Projects


The Office of Capital Projects (OCP) manages a wide variety of economic and community development projects, maintaining a special focus on building strong town centers, revitalizing downtowns, and promoting economic development by supporting the arts, tourism and community growth.

This office is responsible for providing engineering and construction support services for development programs administered by OCP and other DECD offices. Additional responsibilities include coordinating with clients and DECD staff from the project concept phase through design and construction phases.

Access Project Support

The Office of Capital Projects assists municipal and nonprofit organizations in managing large-scale infrastructure projects, downtown planning and mixed-use projects. Here are few resources available:

Explore Funding Opportunities

For complex redevelopment and rehabilitation projects which involve various sources of financial assistance, the Office is connected to variety of funding sources, including:

Review Incentives/Liability Relief

Several programs have been set up to manage the agency’s environmental regulatory obligations, such as the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the State Plan of Conservation and Development compliance. These include:

View Success Stories

See how funding, support programs and other services have already achieved success in Capital projects of all sizes and requirements.


For engineering, construction and environmental compliance, please contact Christine Marques at christine.marques@ct.gov or (860) 500-2350.

For questions related to the STEAP grant program and project management related questions, please contact Susan Decina at susan.decina@ct.gov or 860-500-2463.

For Programmatic questions, please contact Sheila Hummel, Director of Small Business, Community Development and Capital Projects at Sheila.Hummel@ct.gov or 860-500-2405.