Storrs Center - Mansfield


State Investment: 
Four STEAP Grants totaling $1,700,000;
$10,000,000 Public Act 07-7 Grant; and
$2,500,000 Urban Act Grant.

Storrs Center, Town of Mansfield

State funds were utilized by the Town of Mansfield, in association with the Mansfield Downtown Partnership and the Storrs Center master developer Storrs Center Alliance, LLC, to create a downtown revitalization and enhancement project which has developed Mansfield downtown into a vibrant and economically successful mixed use development known as Storrs Center.

State Funding was initially utilized for planning purposes to prepare a CEPA Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) Study and a Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Once the planning process was completed, a 4 phase mixed-use project consisting of residential units, retail and restaurant uses, commercial office space, civic and community uses, a parking garage was implemented.

For the implementation phases, state funding was used for the construction of a parking garage and to provide the necessary infrastructure for Storrs Center which consisted of installing water, sewer, gas, electrical, phone, and cable infrastructure. State funds also went towards streetscape improvements throughout Storrs Center including street lighting, new sidewalks, brick pavers, bus shelters, landscaping, street trees, tree grates, and trash receptacles.

In addition, state funds went towards the installation of a new storm drainage system, and towards new traffic signal modifications and replacements at Dog Lane, Bolton Road and the Route 275/Post Office Road intersections with Route 195 (Storrs Road).