Hartford Hospital CESI - Hartford


State Investment: 
Hartford Hospital received two grants totaling $15 million from the State of Connecticut for the construction of a new building which has expanded the hospital's Center for Education, Simulation, and Innovation (CESI). The total cost of the building was $20 million, with the remaining $5 million coming from Hartford Hospital.

The new building is located on Jefferson Street (at the former Barney Building location) and was completed in November 2016.

Originally the former Barney Building was to be expanded in order to achieve the desired square footage for the expansion, but it was determined to be cost prohibitive. Although the Barney Building was not on a Historic Registry and outside the adjacent Historic District, the State Historic Preservation Office required that a report of significant historic features be prepared by an architectural historian and filed with the State Library prior to deconstruction. Other significant site preparation included soil remediation and removal of urban fill.

The new building has provided the CESI program with an additional 30,000 square feet of space for simulation areas, electronic training facilities, and research laboratories. The facility will serve as a training center for all in-state hospitals, first responders, military personnel and medical education institutes. The expanded CESI will attract increased research funding related to robotic and evidence-based medicine and will become a significant component of the State’s biotechnology strategy.