Municipal Brownfield Liability Relief Program


With a goal to facilitate the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields in Connecticut, the Municipal Brownfield Liability Relief (BLR) program provides relief from certain types of liability for municipalities, economic development agencies and municipal economic development corporations that are not responsible parties.


The Municipal BLR program is open to any municipality or economic development agency, nonprofit economic development corporation, or non-stock corporation or limited liability company established by a municipality to address redevelopment. Applicants must apply for the program, and DEEP must approve the application before the applicant takes title to the property. Applicants must certify that:

  • they intend to acquire title to a brownfield for the purpose of redeveloping or facilitating the redevelopment of the brownfield;
  • the applicant did not establish or create a facility or condition at or on the brownfield that can reasonably be expected to create a source of pollution;
  • the applicant is not affiliated with any person responsible for such pollution or source of pollution through any contractual, corporate or financial relationship other than a municipality’s exercise of such municipality’s police, regulatory or tax powers or a contractual relationship in which such person’s interest in such brownfield will be conveyed or financed;
  • the applicant is not otherwise required by law, an order or consent order issued by the commissioner or a stipulated judgment to remediate pollution on or emanating from such brownfield; and
  • the brownfield and applicant meet any other criteria that said commissioner deems necessary.

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How To Apply

Complete and submit an application.


Please contact Mark Lewis at (860) 424-3768 or for more information.