Energy Assistance


When your business wants to invest in energy-saving improvements, Connecticut offers a robust array of funding options and technical support services to help you upgrade, modernize and improve your bottom line. The Department of Economic and Community Development can work with your business to assess the energy options that offer you the most sustained long-term savings.

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy)
This program makes green energy upgrades accessible and affordable, offering 100% financing for a wide range of energy improvements to commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and infrastructure properties. C-PACE has targeted assistance for:

Energize Connecticut
This initiative may be able to help you save energy in your home or business through rebates, financing, and services for energy efficiency and clean energy improvements. On this site you can compare rates from different suppliers, find contractors and discover programs that address your business’s energy challenges.

The Connecticut Green Bank
The Green Bank is the state’s flagship agency for energy-saving investment. In fact, it has become a model for the nation in public/private partnership for clean energy progress. The Green Bank offers employers affordable long-term financing for green energy improvements.

Potential Utility Bill Exemptions
If your project adds 100 or more jobs and a minimum demand for 50 kilowats of additional load, a portion of the competitive Transition Assessment may be exempt from your company's utility bill. The Department of Economic and Community Development can facilitate a meeting between your company and the appropriate electrical, telecommunications, water and natural gas providers for the site you select.