Unique Entity ID (UEI)

In April 2022, the federal government transitioned from the use of the DUNS Number to a new Unique Entity ID (UEI,). There is NO charge to obtain a UEI.

An organization must have an UEI to receive grant funds.  An individual does not need to obtain an UEI.

You can get an UEI for your organization without having to complete a "full entity registration".  You only need to obtain an UEI, and the information required is minimal.   Click HERE for a quick guide on how to obtain a UEI.

If your organization has a "full entity registration" in already, you have already been assigned a new Unique Entity ID. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I can't get my UEI by an application deadline?

If you are unable to obtain your UEI by an application deadline, please submit your application listing your UEI as “xxxxxxxxxxxx.” ***Do not submit an application without a UEI before the deadline.  Wait until just before the deadline for many applicants do receive their UEI in time.

Please email the program manager once you have received your UEI so they can re-open your application.

We will need your UEI in order to disburse funds, if awarded. 

Do I need to go through the process for an entity registration or do I need to get a Unique Entity ID only?

You do not need to complete a "full entity registration".  You only need to obtain an Unique Entity ID.  The information required for getting a Unique Entity ID is minimal.  It only requires you to validate your organization's legal business name and address.

I'm really stuck and need help.  Who can I talk to?

You can request help from an Federal Service Desk (FSD) agent via a Live Chat Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.  Click HERE, then scroll to the bottom of the page for the  "Still have a question" (a blue box). Click "Live Chat".

For more information, go to the FAQ page available at