The Bridge Builders Initiative seeks to strengthen equity work within the state-wide network of Designated Regional Service Organizations (DRSO) by placing Arts Community Impact Coordinators within the organization to serve as engagement leads with a focus on cultural vibrancy and social and artistic justice.

DRSOs serve as local field offices for COA and support Connecticut's economy by providing arts and cultural leadership at a regional level.
Designated Regional Service Organizations:
  • develop, convene, and sustain the arts industry and develop and sustain cross-sector relationships;
  • provide coordinated marketing, technical assistance, advocacy, and many other services and programs;
  • support specific COA programs and services.
The Arts Community Impact Coordinators will work with the leadership to identify various affiliation circles and creative networks in the region that are not being served at a high level and strategize innovative ways to support them. They will become a “bridge” between the marginalized and the Designated Regional Service Organization to foster greater connectivity.
The ultimate goal is to have an Arts Community Impact Coordinator within each of the eight (8) Designated Regional Service Organizations.